24. September 2020 20:00
25. September 2020 20:00

Ellen Muriel

Ellen Muriel- Idee, Umsetzung, Performance

Veranstaltung im Großen Theatersaal

Eine dokumentarische Solo-Performance im Rahmen eines Forschungsprojekts über sich entwickelnde Identitätsgeschichten, die Logistik des Einflusshabens und das performative Potenzial einer Viertel-Lebenskrise.

I‘ve managed to assemble a piano, a microphone, a loop-station, and a drum machine and I‘m attempting to swiftly transform into a one man band for your pure entertainment.

For two nights only: you get to go to the theatre, sit in an audience and be whisked away on an existential musical journey, briefly escaping the woes of pandemic life.

For two nights only: I get to be a pop star, stand on stage and sing about my feelings, and I‘m terrified and excited all at the same time.

We‘ll be covering big themes, like climate anxiety, chemotherapy, corona blues and my quarter life crisis, but it's all delicately interspersed with plenty of juicy jazz chords and deep drum beats so as not to freak anyone out...myself included.

Come and see! It will be fun I promise.
I need you. Thanks.

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